Labour MP Sarah Champion Shares Delight At New Boyfriend With Twitter - The Internet Reacts

This week has been full of war in Iraq, Russian tanks in Ukraine and Theresa May hellbent on making sure you can't go on holiday.

But there was one little ray of sunshine. Not the weather. This lovely little tweet from Sarah Champion MP, who couldn't resist telling the whole of Twitter that her new boyfriend had said the 'L-word'.

Westminster might be a hotbed of gossip, but sometimes that's not about which backbencher is backstabbing, but who has been snogging who. It seems like the House of Commons is just like any other office.

MPs piled in to ask their colleague for the juicy details.

Twitter soon piled in with suggestions about how Champion could indeed "wipe that stupid grin of my face".

Some saw it as a chance to use their best political innuendo:

Proving to the world that Westminster politicians and hacks can get as giddy as schoolgirls and as mushy as peas when it comes to love.