Newsnight: Paxman Interrogates A Christian On Creationism Being Taught In Schools (VIDEO)

'Do You Really Believe God Made The World In Six Days?'

Paxo, the great tormentor, has faced down some formidable opponents during his tenure as Newsnight’s chief interrogator. John Lewis from Christian Education Europe is not likely to go down as one of them.

Appearing on Monday on a segment on creationism being taught in schools, the somewhat baffled apologist found himself toyed with then dismissed by the Newsnight stalwart, particularly after Lewis tried to imply some bias in the BBC video suggesting a lack of education for those that believe in Adam and Eve.

Professor Alice Roberts, President of the Association of Science Education, argued on the side of reason. Watch Paxo’s exasperation when Lewis refuses to answer how long it took God to make the world.


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