Newsnight: Paxman And Caitlin Moran Discuss Rik Mayall's Appeal

What was Rik Mayall’s appeal? "He was incredibly childlike," Caitlin Moran told Paxo on Monday's Newsnight, "but he also had an incredible intelligence." Speaking of Lord Flashheart, the late comedian's cameo in Blackadder, the Times columnists said, "He came in and was a rock star and owned the room."

The journalist and devoted Mayall fan said she’d "never seen anyone enjoy having a face more than Rik Mayall did," and that his death, aged 56 on Monday, had brought an unprecedented outpouring of love on Twitter, more than any other celebrity death she had witnessed.

Watch the full interview above.

British Comedy Awards 2011

Rik Mayall 1958 - 2014