These 20 Incredible Prom Dresses And Tuxedos Are Made Entirely From Duct Tape

You Will NEVER Guess What These Dresses And Tuxedos Are Made From

We've seen wedding dresses made out of bog roll and suits fashioned out of newspaper but this takes the Oscar for the most outstanding, crafty outfits of the year.

US brand Duck Tape run a 'Stuck At Prom' competition every year, when they invite high schoolers to make their outfits out of duct tape.

Photos are posted online and once 10 finalists are chosen, readers are asked to vote.

Winners scoop $10,000, second place $5,000 and third place $3,000 - and the schools are also awarded a cash prize. For those that don't win any of the top prizes, there are honourable mentions for accessories including best tie, purse and prop.

Take a look at our favourite 20 - we still can't believe they are made out of tape...

20 Incredible Amazing Dresses And Suits Made From Duct Tape