The Most Devastatingly Terrifying Robot Ever Made Cuts Through Marble Like Butter

When robots eventually become sentient (and they will) this is the robot we'll need to make sure is well and truly locked away in a giant vault made of diamonds.

The robot in question is the Carrara, a wire cutting robot that as you can see above can cut through marble like a chainsaw through snow.

Once you've got over the fear of a robot that can cut through almost anything -- and pictured the inevitable moment it decides to instead slice up the better portion of humanity -- take a moment to actually enjoy the fact that until the robot revolution does happen, the Carrara will be creating utterly beautiful shapes out of solid marble.

The video is part of a submission by CarraraRobotics to Rob/Arch 2014, a conference which shows that robots as well as humans can create staggeringly beautiful pieces of architecture and design.

Diamond saturated wire is used to cut through the metal whilst a constant spray of water helps cool the process resulting in that effortlessly smooth finish.

Diamond wires are generally only used for heavy duty cutting, in fact one of the other main uses for diamond cutting is in nuclear decommissioning. We presume because only a terrifyingly evil thing can dismantle another terrifyingly evil thing.