Jeremy Paxman Proves He's Still Got It With Withering Put Down Of 'Flatulent' Ed Miliband

After a quarter century presenting the show Jeremy Paxman used his final appearance on Newsnight to remind us why we will miss him.

He said Ed Miliband did not have "much more appeal than a flatulent dog in a lift," while introducing a segment about the difficulties of the Labour leader as he struggles to convince people is prime minister material.

Paxman introduced the segment saying: "Time for 'what is the point of Ed Miliband? Chapter Five'."

He said: "There's no whiff of scandal about him but, less than a year out of the general election, polls show he has about as much appeal as a flatulent dog in a lift."

Baron Mandelson was interviewed on the show and did need to be prompted to put the knife in.

He said of Miliband: "Having policies though without those being drawn together into a convincing vivid narrative, a story about yourself, who you are what you stand for and what you are going to do for people in the country, is really not enough."

When asked whether his former leader Tony Blair, Mandelson told Paxman: "I don't think Tony Blair has gone a bit nuts."