'Big Brother': Wayne Rooney's Former Threesome Lover Jenny Thompson To Join Rival Helen Wood As New Housemate?

Big Brother’ producers are reportedly about to inject yet more drama into the already tense house, by chucking in a brand new housemate.

However, it’s not just any old contestant who will be passing through those famous doors, it’s a face that current housemate Helen Wood will know all too well - Jenny Thompson, the former sex worker she and Wayne Rooney famously had a threesome with, while his wife Coleen Rooney was pregnant with their son, Kai.

'BB' housemate Helen Wood

As if that wasn’t enough, since their sex scandal appeared in the press the two have been sworn enemies, with Helen blaming Jenny for naming her to newspapers.

Helen would not be pleased to see Jenny walk through the door

Helen has already been warned by show bosses about her “unacceptable behaviour” after some viewers accused her of “bullying” fellow housemate Jale Karaturp, while during Monday night’s highlights show she was seen having a blazing row with Toya Washington.

It seems Jenny agrees with those viewers, having branded her a “bully” and a “nasty person”.

Jenny’s entrance into the ‘Big Brother’ house would be certain to create fireworks, with several contestants still reeling from an argument earlier in the week following a revelation about nominations, which saw Toya furiously shouting at several of her housemates.

'Big Brother': Toya's 'Power Trip' Causes Friction

'Big Brother': Toya's 'Power Trip' Causes Friction

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