What Causes Back Pain? These Everyday Habits Might Be The Problem

That twinge in your lower back or ache in your shoulders and neck can also stop you from fulfilling your potential at work or partying the weekend away with your friends.

And it appears we're almost all destined to suffer from the devilish ache at some point - roughly half of Britain seems to be contending with back pain and the NHS spends about £1 billion on the condition.

Back pain is the biggest cause of people taking time off work and is the second most common ailment GPs have to attend to.

But did you know that the initial cause can be easily fixed in most cases?

A lot of people suffering with back pain are doing so unnecessarily because of a few unfortunate everyday habits.

For example, did you know that keeping your wallet in your back pocket (as many men often do) can actually cause back ache?

The seemingly insignificant habit of sitting on bulky wallet for long periods of time puts pressure on the muscles lying underneath and causes you to sit in an unnatural position.

Changing the clothes you wear, the place you sleep and the amount of time you spend chatting on your mobile could also be the answer to ending your problem.

Check out the slideshow to see where you’re going wrong – you’ll be ache free in no time!

Your bag.

10 Everyday Things Causing You Back Pain