03/07/2014 08:02 BST | Updated 03/07/2014 08:59 BST

This Robot Valet Will Park Your Car

This is Ray, the world's first completely automated car park. You simply drop your car off, Ray then picks up your car and slots it into one of the empty spaces.

Developed by Serva Transport Systems, Ray has been installed at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany and has space to automatically park up to 249 vehicles of any size.

Using lasers to find its way around the robot is essentially an advanced automated forklift that can accurately measure the size of any car and then lift any object under 4 tonnes.

Naturally the app is powered by an iPhone or Android app letting you log the car into the car park then wirelessly change the schedule if your flight is delayed.

The system is even tied into the Airport's flight systems so it'll know to have your car ready for collection when you land.

Designed primarily for regular business customers Ray isn't even that expensive (for airport parking) costing around 29 Euros a day.