Katie Hopkins Continues Anti-Islam Rant, Wants To 'Ban The Burqa' After Controversial 'ISIS Cake' Tweets

Katie Continues Anti-Islam Rants

Clearly determined not to learn her lesson, Katie Hopkins has continued her tirade against Islam, this time writing in her newspaper column that she would be in favour of banning the burqa.

The religious garment - worn by some Muslim women to conceal their hair, face and body - was banned in France in 2010 as it was deemed “anti-social”, and Katie has now said she thinks we should take similar measures in the UK.

Katie Hopkins

“If only the British Prime Minister would ban the burqa, then Britain would feel a lot more like home.”

In her column, she again suggests people shouldn’t be fasting, citing UN figures that state there is more violence during the fasting period.

“My view is pretty simple. If fried chicken helps to keep you calm, I suggest eating more of it and leaving dieting to people who can handle it. Like Fern Britton."

Katie claims her tweets were a protest about the “homophobic” ways of Islam, having previously told reporters she hopes her son is gay so he can tell her how to do her hair when she's older… what a forward-thinker, eh?

Katie Hopkins' Most Controversial Quotes

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