05/07/2014 15:33 BST | Updated 05/07/2014 15:59 BST

Sat Nav Gets Yet Another Truck Stuck In Narrow Country Lane

A lorry driver has got his truck stuck down a narrow country lane after following his sat nav, said police.

Officers from Hertfordshire Police arrived to find the articulated lorry stopped across a tight three-way rural junction between two high hedges in the village of Watton-at-Stone, near Stevenage, yesterday.

The driver appeared to have beached his low-riding trailer across a grass mound at the centre of the junction, while trying to manoeuvre his way along the lanes.

sat nav

It is not known where the lorry was destined, however the section of road around Perrywood Lane and Church Lane had to be closed for two hours until a specialist recovery vehicle removed the blockage.

Tweeting pictures of the incident, an officer with the force's East Hertfordshire rural police team, said: "Sat navs are amazing pieces of technology - don't always trust them."

sat nav

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