What do you like to whisper to your four-wheeled friend?
With a new deadline to kill off petrol, carmakers renew their clean fuel efforts.
At first it tasted just like water from the tap. Lukewarm, not hot, and with a slight metallic zing - the only signs the
City Press motor expert Justus Visagie, with some help from car engineer Martin Pretorius, provides useful answers to your automotive questions.
Cutting costs - Costing as little as 2p per mile to charge, the electric vehicle is extremely economical to run. And because their inner workings are a lot less complicated than a traditional combustion engine, electric cars are cheaper to maintain; it's estimated that the Nissan Leaf costs a meagre £11 per month, versus £30p/m for the Ford Focus.
There are an estimated two million disabled drivers in the UK, so I am far from the first one to experience these frustrations, and things are far worse for people without even my level of mobility. If you can't get out of your car then you simply have to drive from station to station trying to find one where the staff can help you, hoping that you don't run out of petrol before you get there.
Everyone knows that certain types of car have always been a by-word for certain types of people. Despite recent style developments, the Skoda and the Lada will perhaps forever be associated with the socks, sandals and cardigan-wearing brigade.