07/07/2014 05:38 BST | Updated 07/07/2014 10:59 BST

Here's The Moment Two Passenger Planes ALMOST Crash

Passengers on a flight into Barcelona this weekend were given a nasty surprise when their plane had to make an emergency climb after another plane taxied directly into its path.

The terrifying moment was captured on video and shows the Boeing 767 coming into land and then suddenly pulling back up when an Airbus A340 mysteriously taxis directly across the runway.

Thankfully the pilots of the Boeing 767 reacted quickly and were able to pull up, avoiding what could have been one of the worst collisions in aviation history.

near miss

Incredibly the airport claims that the planes were exactly where they were supposed to be with more than enough distance between them.

Looking at the video it's hard to believe that this was intentional, especially when you take into account the actions of the pilots who were coming in to land.