The plane, which is believed to have more than 50 people on board, lost contact after taking off from Indonesian capital Jakarta.
Footage has emerged appearing to show the moment the Boeing 737-800 was hit after taking off in Tehran.
A Ukrainian passenger plane carrying 176 people has crashed due to technical problems shortly after taking off from Iran, killing all on board.The Boeing 737 belonging to Ukraine International Airlines came down near Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport and burst into flames.
Boeing executives apologised to the families of those who died when 737 Max crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The company said it was working hard to learn from what went wrong but didn't say when the plane could fly again. A total of 346 people were killed in both crashes.
Pilots of each plane struggled in vain to regain control over the automated system.
A faulty anti-stall system could have contributed to the disaster.
Two black boxes from the aircraft  are being taken to Paris for investigation.
Singapore, Indonesia and China have all taken action so far.