Ladies, Here's How To Ride A Bike Wearing A Skirt

Ladies, Here's How To Ride A Bike Wearing A Skirt
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Trying to cycle while wearing a skirt is like trying to run in high heels - nigh on impossible.

But unless you're a lycra-clad super cyclist, us women like wearing skirts... even when we're on the bike. And so we find ourselves at a crossroads.

Because unless weather conditions are perfect - and let's face it, they rarely are - female cyclists find themselves up against wind, rain, traffic and sharp corners. And this means one thing: flashing our knickers.

And that's where Scottish cyclist Johanna Holtan and her friends come in. They've devised an ingenious technique Penny In Yo' Pants (using a penny and an elastic band) to stop our skirts blowing up over our heads and causing a scene.

"We love bikes. We love skirts," they write on the website. "But sometimes these two don't mix well. Which is why we came up with Penny in Yo' Pants. An easy solution to making your skirt bikeable."

Here's how to make your skirt cycle friendly

1. Find a penny or something similar.

2. Find a rubber band.

3. Now put on your favourite skirt!

4. Push the penny from the back of your skirt to the front, through both layers.

5. Form a button at the front of the skirt, using both layers.

6. Wrap the band around the button making sure it’s secure.

7. Now get out there and enjoy your new freedom!

The invention was first devised as part of Cyclehack Glasgow, but after racking up more than one million views Johanna & co are now devising prototypes to replace pennies (which ruffle your skirt).

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