With UK holidays back on the cards – it's time to dust off that cycle helmet and enjoy the great outdoors.
The 'Fix Your Bike' initiative launches on Tuesday. Here's how to get a voucher towards the cost of fixing your bike.
For years I'd cycled to work on a Dutch bike, but a longer commute meant it was time to speed up.
“Let me just give your bike a check over and then we can head off.” It was 9am on a Saturday morning and the first lesson
In preparation, I laid out what I thought to be appropriate gym gear the night before. I also read a few online articles about what to expect. The first piece led me to rethink every item of clothing as it was all wrong -- including the trainers.
This segment of bike trail isn’t just pretty; it’s also supposed to be practical.  “We hope that the glowing bicycle path
My latest attempt to see if that continues to be true was to try and cycle up the very famous, tough and unforgiving, Mount Ventoux at the bottom of the Alps, six times in one single day. I would be only the 13th, and oldest, Britain to achieve it. 2886 metres of climbing in one day.
The first thing that impresses is the attention to detail. Not a bike in sight and Halford's clearly mean business. A slick presentation by chief designer Justin Stevenson sets the mood.
Trying to cycle while wearing a skirt is like trying to run in high heels - nigh on impossible. But unless you're a lycra
As 3D printers get ever more useful and cost-effective, the number of things you can actually produce with them is going