10/07/2014 07:08 BST | Updated 10/07/2014 07:59 BST

Luisa Zissman Attacked After Defending 'Magaluf Girl' Video: Ex-'Celebrity Big Brother' Housemate Jasmine Lennard Brands Her Stupid

Luisa Zissman has been slammed by a fellow ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant over her comments about the widely-shared “mamading” video, which shows a tourist, who is thought to be British, in Magaluf performing a sex act on 24 different men.

While the woman’s actions have been shunned by many online critics, in her most recent column for the Daily Star, Luisa sprung to her defence, claiming people should leave the girl alone and keep their opinions to themselves.

Jasmine Lennard

She also accused Luisa of “deliberately” trying to be “controversial”, and branded her a “provocative, stupid woman”, writing:

Lusia, who has a four-year-old daughter, initially responded with a tweet where she questioned Jasmine’s own parenting skills, though she quickly deleted this and then apologised, writing:

Clearly not letting anything lie, Jasmine claimed Luisa was a hypocrite by accusing her of “desperately craving press”, linking to images of her and her ‘CBB’ pal Jasmine Waltzengaging in a drunken snog in a taxi, labelling her a “stupid slag” and publicly telling her: “Shut your mouth and your legs.”

She added:

Since then both stars have kept schtum about each other on social media, bringing their feud to a halt.

Luisa isn’t the only star to weigh in on the controversial “mamading” clip, with ‘Geordie Shore’ star Jay Gardner - who appears in the clip but is not involved in any of the sex acts - branding it the most shocking thing he’s ever seen.

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