What Is 'iTube Pro' And Why Is It Top Of iTunes?

What is iTube Pro? It's a legitimate question, especially considering it's the top Paid App in the iTunes App Chart.

It's even more legitimate when you see how, er, mixed the reviews are.

Well the answer is two-fold. iTube Pro is a YouTube streaming app which solves a problem that has been plaguing iPhone, iPad and iPod users since the iPhone first launched - namely, the ability to play YouTube in the background.

With YouTube becoming as much about music as it is about video there has been an ever-increasing desire to be able to play YouTube playlists in the background because, as you've probably guessed, you're only playing music so you don't need to see the video.

iTube Pro solved that problem and then some as it also offered offline playback, essentially allowing you to download the videos from YouTube into the app and then listen/watch when you're offline.

Handy eh? Suddenly it begins to explain why so many people are wiling to shell out 99p for an app that remains in relative obscurity.

So why the mixed reviews? Well the sad news is that iTube Pro now doesn't offer offline playback, so understandably people are a tad miffed at having paid for an app and then having one of its major features removed.

On the upside though it does still offer background playback, so until Google decides to update YouTube with the functionality iTube Pro is your best way to create YouTube playlists and then listen to them while you're doing other things on your phone.