Man Arrested For 'Passive-Aggressively' Stabbing A Watermelon

A man has been charged with threatening and disorderly conduct after an incident involving… a watermelon.

Carmine Cervellino, of Connecticut, was arrested after his wife complained to police that he had left a watermelon on their kitchen countertop with a large butcher knife sticking out of it.

Cervellino then walked into the room and began stabbing the fruit in what police described as a “passive aggressive” manner, the Register Citizen reports.

Say it with fruit... but don't say this

The 49-year-old was accused of resorting to the tactics to “intimidate her because he is angry with her,” it said in the police report.

A police investigation found no evidence and Cervellino faces no drugs charges.

He is on bail after posting a $500 bond.

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