One suspected melon-head has been charged. The other is being sought.
Imagery has the power to turn a seemingly innocent depiction of fruit into the stereotyping of an entire group of people.
No one loves watermelon as much as this adorable puppy. Jynx quite literally loses her shit when her owner gives her a slice
Besides the delicious flesh, watermelon rinds are also edible and are used for making pickles. Watermelon seeds, which are high in protein are eaten in China and have a nutty flavor and can be dried and roasted, or ground into flour.
A man has been charged with threatening and disorderly conduct after an incident involving… a watermelon. Carmine Cervellino
If you're having trouble getting in the mood why not enlist a little help from Mother Nature herself? (After all, she is
Shots of a baby wearing a hollowed out watermelon have gone viral on China's equivalent of Twitter. The little chap is seen
Well, 21 seconds, to be precise. But, hey - we're still inordinately impressed by the chap in this new viral video, whose
Now, we've all occasionally found our minds wandering as we try to weigh up how many rubber bands we'd be able to wrap around
Watermelons are being blamed for causing widespread salmonella poisoning following a deadly outbreak across the UK which