Tory Voters Have Delivered A Damning Verdict On The Tories

Devastating poll shows nearly three-quarters of those who backed the party in 2019 don't trust them.
It's yet more bad news for Rishi Sunak.
It's yet more bad news for Rishi Sunak.
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Nearly three-quarters of Tory voters do not trust the party to deliver its promises.

The damning findings were revealed in a new YouGov poll for Sky News.

It showed that 71% of those who voted Conservative at the 2019 general election believe Tory politicians “don’t try to keep their promises”, while just 26% say they do.

The findings come just days after Rishi Sunak ditched his promise to get deportation flights to Rwanda off the ground in the spring.

The prime minister has also been widely criticised for failing to keep the vast majority of the five pledges he made to voters at the start of 2023.

While Sunak has halved inflation, he has fallen short on his promises to grow the economy, cut national debt, reduce NHS waiting lists and stop the small boats carrying asylum seekers across the Channel from France.

Elsewhere, the YouGov poll provides further evidence of the public’s disenchantment with politicians in general.

It showed that 84% of voters believe “politicians would rather fight each other than further the public interest”.

Asked how much politicians care about them, 83% said not very much or not at all.

Meanwhile, 86% of voters in the north of England believe politicians don’t care much or at all about them, compared to just 44% in London who feel the same way.


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