BNP Youth Member Jack Renshaw Has Principles Challenged By His 'Gay Dog'

BNP's Star Youth Member Has Principles Challenged By His Dog

One of the BNP’s bright, young stars has accused his dog of being gay.

Manchester University student Jack ‘Boot’ Renshaw appeared to complain on Facebook that his dog is threatening his principles because he keeps "licking the penises of other male dogs."

“I wish my dog would stop licking the penises of other male dogs. I love you, Derek (my dog) – but – don’t challenge my principles because my principles will likely win," he wrote.

You may recognise Renshaw from the BNP's horror show of a promotional video, featuring a raft of humourless youths offering disturbing rhetoric about the demise of Britain.

The three-minute clip uploaded to YouTube asked "who is responsible for the ongoing attempt to irradiate the British culture and British identity?”, an irradiation that has seemingly brought our once great nation crashing to its grazed and battered knees.

The film also demands to know who is responsible for the "ever growing debt" and who is responsible for portraying "racist attacks as only being against non-whites"?

According to the eight culturally uniform cast members, Blighty’s downfall is attributable to the cultural Marxists that have infected schools and academia; the Zionists that have profited from British soldiers dying abroad; the militant homosexuals, who are trying to destroy the traditional family unit… and Stephen Lawrence’s mum.

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