Dog Waits For A Year Under Shed After Owner Dies In Heartbreaking Video

What This Dog Did After His Owner Died Is Utterly Heartbreaking

Prepare to take a trip on the feels train, this story is probably going to make you cry.

The emotional rescue of Woody the poodle who was abandoned after his owner died was captured on video, and it will melt your heart.

After he was heartlessly ditched, Woody did not want to leave his home, and instead waited at the house hoping his dead owner would return for him... for over a year.

The heartbreaking tale brings to mind *that* infamous Futurama scene…

Woody was able to survive due to neighbours who left food and water for him outside.

Eldad Hagar made the emotional rescue of the dog. In the video, he says that Woody was completely exhausted when he found him under the shed.

Poor Woody was dirty, hungry, and emotionally drained. The dog refused to eat and he was blind in one eye.


Fortunately, his story doesn’t end there. With the help of the animal charity Hope for Paws and Hagar, Woody has returned to good health, has learned to love people again.

He has even had a complete makeover and is hardly recognisable from what he looked like under that shed.

Hope For Paws is still looking for a permanent home for him, see if you can help here.


... and after!

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