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Think you're handy with your, erm, hands? We bet you're not as handy as this Russian guy. Caught on camera at a dinner party
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Has the general election result left you depressed/angry/worried about the state of mankind? We're here to help you feel
Being given a new lease of life thanks to a Facebook post by Drum Talk TV, this video of music teacher Suzanne Morissette
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It's World Smile Day, and we can think of no finer compilation to celebrate it than this. Because, as we all know, the only
And there we were, about to buy a Dachshund puppy. Yes, if you liked this video of Dachshunds running in slow motion, then
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Because we don't just bring you LOL videos here at HuffPost UK Comedy, oh no. We also bring you the heartwarming. And it
Now you see her - now you don't! Yes, say hello to Bea: the adorable little kid that's giving ninja cat a run for his money