Ed Miliband Meets Barack Obama And Doesn't Look Like He Enjoyed It

Awkward... Miliband Met Obama Yesterday And Tried To Eat His Own Hands

Ed Miliband met Barack Obama on Monday, in a meeting of such gravity the Labour leader tried to eat his own hands.

Maybe it was the pressure. Maybe he couldn't handle the insane glare from that mirror-like table.

Or maybe it was the sense of sheer panic as he realised he'd just presented the most powerful man in the world with gifts in a badly crumpled plastic carrier bag (bottom right in the pic - it was three DVD box sets, including the original British version of 'House of Cards' since you ask.)

Despite the meeting looking anything but warm and friendly, Miliband insisted the meeting had been warm and friendly.

He then tweeted this with a very helpful description for those who don't know what an Obama, meeting, or indeed a picture, actually is.

Unfortunately there are no details of what happened next. Did Miliband accept the outstretched hand? Did he punch the US president? He really looks like he's going to punch him.

The highly orchestrated non-orchestrated meeting is officially known as a "brush-by" with the president casually dropping in to a scheduled meeting with security adviser Susan Rice.

Miliband was accompanied by shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander, advisor Lord Wood of Anfield and Tim Livesey, his chief of staff.

All three gentlemen refrained from eating their hands.

Don't forget we've been here before - in 2011 the Miliband and Obama met at Buckingham Palace...

Despite both men holding the same pose, the US president looks chilled and relaxed while Ed looks like he's trying to divide 687 by the square root of Australia.


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