#GoTurbo! Chihuahua Puppy With No Front Legs Gets Toy Helicopter Wheels (PICTURES)

#GoTurbo! Chihuahua Puppy With No Front Legs Improvises With Toy Helicopter Wheels

A plucky puppy born without his front legs is racing his way through life thanks to an improvised set of toy wheels.

The six-week-old teacup Chihuahua was brought to the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis earlier this month.

His owners explained that while his mother had been feeding him, once he had been weaned his disability meant his siblings were preventing him from reaching the food.

Turbo Roo has been fitted out with the wheels of a dismantled Fisher Price toy helicopter

Because most dogs can’t be fitted with carts until they are at least six months old, staff improvised by building him a set of wheels using a dismantled Fisher Price helicopter, a ferret harness and pipes from a toy welding kit.

The little tyke has been named Turbo Roo for his determination and persistence (and for his resemblance to a kangaroo).

And his progress is being updated on Facebook with staff posting short videos of the pup’s physical therapy sessions.


Turbo the cute two-legged Chihuahua has a new set of wheels

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