25/07/2014 14:40 BST | Updated 26/07/2014 06:59 BST

Secret Cinema Cancels Again, With Just A Few Hours Notice

Secret Cinema have cancelled their second night performance, yet again giving just a few hours notice to the audience who had paid to come on Friday night. A preview evening on Wednesday, and last night's show, had previously been pulled.

As one Facebook commentator put it: "This is the kind of PR disaster that will be studied by students of marketing for YEARS to come."

Secret Cinema 'Back To The Future' Cancellation Has Really Pissed People Off

Having promised a statement at 11am, the Back To The Future organisers left the audience on stand-by.

But having promised a statement "very shortly", it was almost five hours before the audience were told the event would be cancelled, with no detailed reason emerging.

And other brands have begun to capitalise on the failure of the immersive cinema evening, with Gourmet Burger Kitchen offering free sides to those disappointed, and Madame Tussauds offering free entry to the museum.

The cancellation of the second show did not go down well.

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Photographs circulating online suggested the site was still under construction. The Huffington Post was sent pictures of the Secret Cinema set, which seemed to be near completion, but the famous clock from the Hill Valley clocktower is clearly missing.

Photo gallery Secret Cinema See Gallery

Last night's cancellation came as many fans, dressed in 1950s garb, has already arrived in the east London assembly point, told to leave mobile phones at home. The information that the show had been cancelled was sent by text message.

The event was billed as a recreation of the movie starring Michael J Fox, with the opportunity to attend the famous "Enchantment Under The Sea" prom. Fans were then expecting to watch a screening of the film, and tickets cost £53.50, with family tickets costing £140.

The company said it had been "working diligently through the night" to ensure the event would open today. Secret Cinema said it would issue a further statement on Saturday about when it would finally open.