29/07/2014 09:10 BST | Updated 29/07/2014 09:59 BST

'Big Brother' Nominations Revealed: Chris, Pav And Zoe Face Public Vote In Friday's Eviction

Big Brother’ viewers have three potential evictees to choose from this week, with Chris, Pav and Zoe all facing the public vote after receiving the most nominations from their housemates.

As shown during Monday’s highlights show, all of the housemates chose to nominate Pav, apart from Zoe, who entered the house at the same time as him three weeks ago.

Chris discovers he's up for eviction

This marks the first time that the pair have been eligible to be nominated by the group since they entered the house, as last week’s nominations were carried out by the ‘Power Alliance’, which ultimately led to Steven’s eviction.

As Big Brother broke the news about who was up for eviction to the group, Ash admitted he was surprised to have been given a week off. In fact he only received one nomination from Pav, while Christopher received just two - both of which were because he never wears shoes.

Pav is one of three possible evictees

Ashleigh was also given a week off from being nominated, as she had been previously granted immunity by the public for one week, as part of a ‘Power Trip’ twist.

Either Chris, Pav or Zoe will become the tenth housemate to be evicted from the current series of ‘Big Brother’, with just two weeks to go until the winner of the series is crowned and the new series of 'Celebrity Big Brother' kicks off.

After a rollercoaster time in the house which saw him fall in love - and into bed - with Playboy model Kimberly Kisselovich, Steven became the latest housemate to be evicted from the house during Friday’s live show, and was finally reunited with his ‘BB’ girlfriend, who left the house due to health issues last weekend.

‘Big Brother’ continues on Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 5.

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