A Napping Guide For Brits Who Snooze At Work

If you love a power nap on your lunch break, but you also like being employed, help is at hand.

The guide from will help those wishing to sleep at work, with stealthy moves like ‘The Sleeper Agent’ and the cosy ‘Jacket Hammock’.

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How to Nap at Work

A survey from the company sound almost have (47%) of working adults have nodded off at work

It also revealed 15% of people nod off for less than a minute before waking up or being caught out by colleagues, cleaners or the boss – and workers are most likely to nod off in Birmingham.

Almost a third (29%) would like their boss to provide a sleep room or napping facilities in the office.

The survey found these were the top 10 cities for napping at work:

1. Birmingham (57%)

2. London (54%)

3. Edinburgh (47%)

4. Cardiff (45%)

5. Bristol (44%)

6. Norwich (44%)

7. Southampton (41%)

8. Liverpool (40%)

9. Sheffield (38%)

10. Manchester (36%).