02/08/2014 07:24 BST | Updated 11/08/2014 13:59 BST

Susanna Reid Forced To Cancel Family Holiday Abroad Over Passport Issues First Covered On 'Good Morning Britain'

Susanna Reid has been forced to cancel her first family holiday since joining the presenting team of ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’, over passport issues.

The TV personality was due to spend two weeks abroad with her family this month, but has been forced to cancel her trip away as one of her sons is yet to receive his passport due to a backlog, with some people waiting up to two months for theirs to arrive.

susanna reid

Susanna Reid

Having already reported on this issue for her job, before being hit by the same problem herself, Susanna told The Mirror: “I remember reporting on ‘Good Morning Britain’ about the backlog of passports back in June.

"We were inundated with viewers’ comments - both from those who were experiencing the backlog and others asking ‘who are these people that leave their passports until the last minute’... Well I am one of them!”

Instead of going abroad, Susanna and her family will now stay put and enjoy a ‘stay-cation’, with the former ‘Strictly’ star explaining: “We have been so lucky with the weather.

“I am staying at home with the boys. It couldn’t have been a better time to get it wrong! We’ve done some great day trips and actually the boys like having some chill out time and not being rushed about to the airport.”

Susanna joined the ‘Good Morning Britain’ team earlier this year, and although the show has been hit with mixed reviews and falling viewing figures, she has been praised by her contemporaries, including Richard Madeley who recently said he thought the TV star could “turn it around” in the future.

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