04/08/2014 06:22 BST | Updated 04/08/2014 06:59 BST

Alien Warrior's 'Mutant Lion Head' Found On Mars

Nasa has photographed another rock which looks like something else, but is actually just a rock.

The rock -- photographed by the Mars Rover 'Curiosity' (top right) -- looks a bit like the head of a sort of lion-reptile, if you squint.

UFO experts have gone predictably bonkers.

Like the lizard, the UFO and the robot leg before it, the object has been described as 'proof' that alien beings are either (a) on Mars right now, or (b) have been on Mars and NASA just won't tell us.

UFO Sightings Daily writes:

"The detail of its eye, the carved lines below and above the eye are great. Also the nostrils are slightly visible as well as the mouth and forehead. Overall it explains how the symbol of the Chinese lion originated...from an ancient species that once visited Asia, but will never be forgotten."

Interestingly, the area the picture was taken has veins of rock often interpreted, NASA said, as being evidence of former wetlands. Sort of like the area an alien death lizard would want to hang around.

NASA has not commented, but we imagine the statement if and when it arrives will read thus:

"It is a rock".

Or maybe...