05/08/2014 05:32 BST | Updated 05/08/2014 05:59 BST

What Is Earth? This One Incredible Video Explains It All

The planet Earth is a thing of beauty. It's also mind-bogglingly complex, with an ecosystem so varied and intricate that sometimes it's hard to process it all.

Thankfully this handy video has managed to explain it all. That's right, one simple video and our entire existence has been explained.

The people behind this summary to end all summaries? While we'd love to give the credit to Megadodo Publications the praise should be heaped on YouTube channel Kurzgesagt.

Meaning 'In a nutshell' in German, Kurzgesagt is a YouTube channel run by designers, journalists and musicians who have come together to create videos which explain the more complex things in life in a way that literally anybody can understand.

Covering everything from the size of the Universe to the best way to capture a Dwarf Star, Kurzgesagt aims to condense the whole of science into one glorious playlist of simple animated videos.

With such titles as 'Why Are You Still Alive?' and 'Three Ways To Destroy The Universe' it's clear that this isn't your average YouTube channel about science.