Russell Brand Vs Sean Hannity: Comedian Reacts To YouTube Trolls

'P*ssy Brit' Russell Brand Reacts To Sean Hannity Trolls

Sean Hannity may be too busy being in Israel to continue his spat with Russell Brand but legions of crazy people have taken the baton to attack Russell Brand via that bastion of sanity - the comments section of YouTube.

A brave man...

Brand criticised Hannity over his berating of a guest on his Fox News show, in which the host told the guest why he could not "get it through (his) thick skull" that Hamas was a terrorist organisation, triggering a war of words - which Brand fought entirely on YouTube.

Following Hannity's arrival in Israel yesterday, Brand posted his latest video to his YouTube channel, reacting to comments on his earlier Hannity-centric videos.

In the latest video, called 'What Is Wrong With America?', Brand reads from attacks by trolls, and denies their claims that his attacks on Hannity means he hates America.

One of them calls him a "pussy Brit" and said: "Next time this fucker's gonna storm the beach at Normandy without our help."

Brand pointed out that this was unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future, given that France is not currently under Nazi occupation.

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He said: "What people would say is: 'What's that man doing on the beach firing a rifle at holiday makers?'"

Another user told him: "No one cares what you think. Go home."

This prompts Brand to turn around to look at his living room and point out: "I am home."

When he's called a "Eurotrash" and told "you hate America and everything about it, Brand responded: "That's not true. I like loads of things. I married an American. I lived in America.

"A lot of my great heroes are American - Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Bob Dylan. I love America - American food, American attitude, Jack Kerouac, American literature... there's loads of things about America I love.

"I just don't like being regressive, whoever's doing it. For a while, America became synonymous with a certain kind of imperialism and corporate colonialism. I don't like that but I don't relate that to America."

When another user tells him to "go have another drink or whatever you're on," prompting Brand to say he's been "drug free for 11 years".

"'Stop making an arse of yourself when you're high on YouTube', - I'm not high.

"'Kids watch this stuff' - good. 'Grow up yourself' - I am grown up."

He then picks up his Gandhi doll and says "ain't that right Gandhi?"


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