Scottish Independence TV Debate Falls At First Hurdle As STV Player Crashes

Only Broadcaster To Show #IndyRef Debate Fails To Broadcast

You'd think a debate on the future of the UK would be broadcast to all of the UK - well no.

There was slight surprise when it was announced that the only way to watch it outside Scotland would be to use STV's online player.

So they would definitely make sure it was working, right?

Well, it was ominous from the start.

And then it crashed. Not even a little way in. Before it even started, during Emmerdale.

In the absence of live TV they gave thrilling updates on Twitter instead.

Conspiracies abounded...

Various solutions were mooted...

This lady didn't quite grasp the urgency of the situation nor the general population's lack of technical expertise.

This man was late to the party and was in for a shock.

People were getting angry.

Oh dear, it doesn't bode well for the future...


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