06/08/2014 10:03 BST | Updated 06/08/2014 10:59 BST

When Boris Johnson Was Called A 'Nasty Piece Of Work' By Eddie Mair

Boris Johnson revealed on Tuesday that he intends to seek election to the Commons in 2015. The London mayor is also widely seen to be positioning himself to run for Conservative leader when David Cameron decides to steps down.

Boris' way with words frequently gets him out of scrapes and has for years allowed him to dodge questions about his parliamentary and leadership ambitions. However today, when Boris said he wanted to stop the"weasel words", is perhaps a good time to remember when he had a rather bruising encounter with a less than charmed Eddie Mair.

"Why did you make up a quote?", the BBC presenter asked Boris."Let me ask you about a bare face lie." Mair added: "You're a nasty piece of work aren't you?"

And Boris' attempts at humorously avoiding the grilling did not impress the BBC man. "Oh, please stop," Mair pleaded.

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