How Real Is Dove's 'Real Beauty' Campaign? Online Petition Asks Dove To Disclose Their Photoshop Use

How Real Is Dove's 'Real Beauty' Campaign?

Dove's Real Beauty campaign is all about championing natural beauty and body acceptance - but how 'real' are the women who appear in the adverts?

That's the question one man is asking on his page - Seth Matlins has created a petition which asks Dove to confirm whether they use Photoshop in their ads.

Writing on the page, Seth, from Los Angeles, CA, says: "As a father of two young children, I've always appreciated the idea behind Dove's Real Beauty campaign, and the brand's understanding that 'the way women and girls are portrayed, both literally (through words) and visually (in pictures), has a big impact on how they view themselves and who they aspire to be.'

"That's why I'm asking Dove to make 'Real Beauty' more real, and why I'm hoping they'll take a real stand against the health issues they know are caused by Photoshopped ads and images."

Seth is asking for the beauty company to sign the Truth in Advertising Heroes Pledge by which they'll agree to disclose whenever they have used Photoshop and will promise not to run Photoshopped ads where children can see them.

"I'm asking Dove to tell us when they've photoshopped the people in their ads (by adding a "Truth In Advertising" label to them). And, if they haven't, I'm asking them to let us know that," Seth writes.

"I'm asking Dove not to run photoshopped ads in media where our kids can see them - media like billboards, bus shelters, mall kiosks, and the back covers of magazines. Because our kids don't have the ability to process or understand what they're seeing."

Earlier this year Dove teamed up with Girlguiding UK to tackle body confidence in young women. Girlguiding UK's research found that one in five girls of primary school age say they have been on a diet, 38% of girls aged 11-to-21 say they have sometimes skipped meals to help lose weight and perhaps more shockingly, 87% think they are judged more on looks than ability.

It seems Seth created the page to tackle the very issues that Dove themselves have highlighted.

Seth says he chose to challenge Dove as they have promoted 'Real Beauty' for 10 years and because "they know more about the health consequences created by the false, unrealistic representations of women and girls in Photoshopped advertising than most."

The online petition has so far gained just under 4,000 signatures but is fast gaining attention on social media.

Seth hopes if Dove leads by example, other advertisers may follow, opening up a more honest dialogue about Photoshop in the media.

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