Think The Ebola Virus Is Bad? These Are The Five Deadliest Pandemic Diseases In History

With 1,779 confirmed cases in the current outbreak, the Ebola virus has gripped the attention of the world.

While the epidemic is shocking and concerning, the world has seen its like before. In the above video Laci Green talks us through the top five deadliest pandemic diseases in history.

Smallpox is one of the earliest known viruses as it is thought to have first emerged in 400 BC. The virus killed time and time again with various outbreaks throughout history, but thankfully, smallpox became the first disease to be completely eradicated by medical experts.

Humanity has also managed to survive Bubonic Plague, and The Spanish Flu, while we're still fighting against Malaria and Aids.

As well as the fascinating history of each disease, the video also looks at the advances mankind has made regarding tackling these diseases. One thing it also shows: in the midst of a pandemic, humanity can be pretty resourceful.