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These Are The World's Most Friendly (And Unfriendly) Cities

The World's Most Friendly And Unfriendly Cities Revealed...
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If you've ever got lost on the winding streets of Venice or struggled with your suitcase on the Paris metro, you'll know that when traveling abroad, locals can be rather unfriendly to tourists.

But while some nations are renowned for bad manners, others are revered for their warmth and kindness. But how does your hometown or favourite city measure up?

Conde Nast Traveler have put the world's cities head-to-head in their annual Readers' Choice Survey to find out which are the most and least friendly places in the world.

According to results, Australia and New Zealand are home to the world's most friendly cities, with Melbourne and Auckland taking joint top spot.

The magazine said there was little surprise over the final verdict: Melbourne dwellers were praised for their humour and cool factor, while Aucklanders "are friendly, and their humor and view on life is something to aspire to attain".

Now, when it comes to unfriendliness, Conde Nast Traveler is quick to add a disclaimer

"We ask readers to rate cities on a number of factors, including 'friendliness', and the ones with the lowest scores, by default, end up with the title 'unfriendliest'," they say. "As you'll see from this list, that title can sometimes have nothing to do with people."

From Frankfurt to Beijing, Cannes to Milan, find out which are the world's least friendly cities in the slideshow below.

Do you agree with their conclusions?

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