Fish Play Each Other At 'Street Fighter'

Just when you thought the internet couldn't get any stranger someone takes the idea of a fish playing Pokemon, doubles the amount of fish and then loads up the original Street Fighter.

That's correct, right now on the internet there are two fish playing Street Fighter against each other, and the entire thing is being shown live via

Don't believe us? Well the stream is at the bottom of this article so if you're really struggling with something to do then you could always watch what is turning out to be one of the slowest Street Fighter matches we think we've ever seen.

The two stars of the show 'Aquarius' and 'Robert the Bruce' have been put in the same tank, then thanks to some rather nifty recognition software the computer is able to determine which player is pressing which button.

For those worried about how the fish are coping with all this then don't fear as the channel's creator has made it clear that the fish's safety comes first.

"Just so everyone is clear. The fish do not actually fight each other in real life, just in the video game. Thankfully their fish brains cannot comprehend the violence at this level of abstraction."

There's also a handy schedule so you can tune in at the best time to see some history-making Street Fighter action:

"7:30AM - Fish have breakfast, competitive Day begins

5:30PM - Fish have supper, competitive Day continues

10:00PM - Competitive Day ends, score summary is posted, Overnight stream begins, fish mostly just sleep"