Twins Who Lost A Combined 16 Stone Become YouTube Stars


A set of identical twins have released a brutally honest video chronicling how they lost a combined weight of 16 stone.

YouTubers Niki Corr and Sammy Albon Corr, both 22, put on weight in their teenage years after becoming addicted to snacking between meals.

Niki shot to 18st while Sammy peaked at 21st 2lb.

It wasn't until they started university that they started to slim down and within just 18 months the boys had cut their weight by more than a third.

Now the pair have turned to YouTube to reveal how they deal with the confidence crisis that comes with being overweight and how they shed the pounds.

The twins have had an astonishing 1.6 million views on the video sharing site.

More than 40,000 people have subscribed to their online blog where they have uploaded a string of comedy videos about the world of showbiz.

Niki, who now weighs 11st6lb, and Sammy, who is 12st6lb, received another 100,000 views after uploading two video chronicling their weight loss.

Niki, who is the eldest of the brothers by 18 minutes, said: "I think if you're overweight you think a lot more about things. For example we would never be confident going on a public transport.

"You are always worried about what you look like and what people are thinking. We used to eat snacks all the time but our meals were just a normal size.

"Then we started cooking our own food so we knew what we were putting in it. Then the weight just started falling off.

"We just felt compelled to make the weight loss videos because we had been through it yourself and wanted to help other people.

"We had a really good reaction to it and it's nice that it has gone down so well with everybody."

Niki said the pair only started losing weight midway through university when they were forced to budget and had to cut out takeaways and snacks.

In the inspirational video the pair tell their viewers they are not alone, reassuring them it is "how you feel inside that counts".

Sammy, a part-time librarian, says he and Nikki were delighted the video had reached so many people.

He added: "We aren't bothered about being on TV we just want to make our channel as successful as possible and then that will open other things up to us.

"Our videos are supposed to funny and there isn't really supposed to be a serious message behind them.

"Out of 200 odd videos only two are about weight loss so that's not what the channel is about.

"We just felt like doing a video about our weight loss was important as it was such a massive part of our lives."

Niki added: "Me and Sammy are like best enemies, we argue a lot but yeah I would say we're still best friends.

"It is good company having each other. It is almost as if you're just hanging out with yourself."

The pair spent more than £1,000 on filming equipment and now their channel is so successful they earn enough money to keep the site going alongside their part-time jobs.

The boys live at home with their mum Jacqueline, 48, a hairdresser and their dad, mechanic Darren, 47, in Canvey Island, Essex.

To watch the pair's videos just visit their YouTube channel at

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