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The Nordic Diet Could Help You Lose Three Times The Amount Of Weight An Average Diet Can

Forget Paleo and ditch Atkins - the latest diet claiming to help you lose weight is the Nordic diet.

Scientists at Copenhagen University developed the diet taking inspiration from local award-winning restaurant Noma, which encourages visitors to only eat seasonal, local foods and salad which has been foraged for.

The experts claim the diet can help you lose three times as much weight as you would on an "average diet' and also reduces the chance of heart attacks and strokes.

fish vegetables

The study, led by Dr Thomas Meinart Larsen, asked 181 overweight adults to eat two different diets. Of the participants, 68 people ate an "average Danish diet" while 113 people tried out the new Nordic diet.

The participants were encouraged not to count calories but instead eat until they felt satisfied.

Participants eating the Nordic diet lost an average of more than 10 pounds in six months while those who eating a standard Danish diet lost just three pounds in the same time.

Those on the Nordic diet also saw a drop in their blood pressure, reducing their risk of heart attack and stroke.


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The Nordic diet includes 15 food groups: fruit and vegetables, potatoes, fresh herbs, nuts, whole grains, plants and mushrooms, meats from livestock and game, fish, shellfish and seaweed.

The average Danish diet included meatballs, pizza, spaghetti, rice and dairy products.

Speaking at the European Society of Cardiology meeting in Barcelona, Spain, Dr Meinart Larsen said the diet change could make a big difference to the population's heath if embraced by the entire country.

He added that the research project now aims to "make the new Nordic diet the twenty-first century’s answer to the Mediterranean diet."

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