03/09/2014 11:00 BST | Updated 03/09/2014 11:59 BST

Sky Reporter Goes To Extraordinary Lengths To Get Interview With Ashya King's Father

Ashya King's father has learned how far reporters will go to get people to talk to them.

Brett and Naghmeh King gave a press conference in Seville this morning describing their ordeal of four days in a Spanish jail. Separated from their five-year-old son for whom they left Britain to obtain different cancer treatment for, they were the subject of a continental manhunt after police issued an arrest warrant for them.

But after they left and were led away by their lawyer, a scrum of reporters followed, still asking questions with Mr King still answering them.

Sky News correspondent Lisa Holland went further than the rest to get to the front and get answers - she grabbed hold of Mr King's shirt and, these pictures imply, held on to it for quite a while.

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The persistence may have paid off - Mr King answered questions as he was led away.

As she pursued him, Mr King told her that he and his wife had been handcuffed and "treated like terrorists" and he had no idea why a European arrest warrant had been issued.

He said: "I would be happy to spend years in prison rather than my son being given treatment that's going to kill him or disable him for the rest of his life."

"I don't want to say 'angry'. I just feel regret that this has happened."

He added he hoped "that no other parent has to go through this rubbish" and said he had been "robbed of seeing his son's face".

Mr King said he would do the same thing again if it meant getting his son the right treatment.

He said: "My son's worth everything, worth me going to prison, worth everything because they were going to kill him in England or turn him into a vegetable."


Ms Holland's behaviour certainly was not in the same league as fellow Sky reporter Colin Brazier, who rummaged through the luggage of a dead MH17 passenger, live on air, in July.

Both the broadcaster and Brazier apologised "profusely" for the inappropriate conduct.