04/09/2014 06:37 BST | Updated 04/09/2014 06:59 BST

Hackers Responsible For One In Three Car Thefts In London

The days of using a strong piece of wire and a hammer are long gone as new figures have revealed that one in three car thefts in London are now being carried out by high-tech hackers.

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The Metro reports it's believed that these high-tech car thieves are using sophisticated devices which can unscramble the data within the key fobs.

They then use that data to create replica keys which can gain access to the cars.

car theft

In some cases the software required is so simple that the hackers are able to unlock the car without causing any damage and then drive away in less than a minute.

These startling revelations came from Home Secretary Theresa May who announced that the Home Office would also be publishing a list of the smartphones most likely to be at risk of theft.

It's part of a wider initiative by the Home Office to lift the lid on high-tech crime including the theft of smartphones, electronic devices and the use of technology to carry out said crimes.