07/09/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 07/09/2014 12:59 BST

Charles Bronson, Britain's Most Notorious Prisoner, 'Threatened With Beheading In Prison'

Charles Bronson, Britain's most notorious prisoner, has been threatened with beheading in jail by fellow inmates, his brother said.

Bronson, who has just been sentenced to more prison time for assaulting a prison governor and managed to fight 12 prison officers while smeared in lurpak earlier this year, received the threat while arguing with Muslim prisoners in HMP Full Sutton over their prayers, Wales Online reports.

Mark Peterson, Bronson's brother, said: "He’s been having some verbals and they threatened to cut his head off.

charles bronson prisoner

Charles Bronson

“I’m not sure how it started but they were up all night praying and kept him awake so there was some verbal.”

He said his brother, 61, had told them to “pipe down.”

“There were some threats made by these Muslim extremists,” he added.


But he said he was not worried about his brother, saying he and the man who argued with were being kept apart.

“They will never see each other so they will never get the chance to confront each other,” Mr Peterson said.

“He can handle himself OK for a 61-year-old man."

Bronson was jailed for seven years in 1974 for armed robbery but has been locked up for much of the time since then following a string of violent incidents including assault, hostage-taking and damage.