Westboro Baptist Church Receives Rainbow Laces From Stonewall & Paddy Power

'Dear Hate-Filled Vermin'.. Stonewall Has Sent A Special Package To The WBC

The infamous Westboro Baptist Church have been sent some rainbow shoelaces, which are on their way over the ocean from the UK.

A campaign from gay rights group Stonewall has posted the shoelaces to Kansas-based WBC, which is known for picketing the funerals of of US soldiers and murdered children, claiming that gay people are responsible for their deaths.

The shoelaces are being sent along with a letter which begins "dear hate-filled vermin", denouncing the WBC's homophobic beliefs.

The package was sent by bookmaker Paddy Power, which is running an anti-homophobia campaign with Stonewall.

The letter says: "One day, your poisonous bile will be long forgotten, the world will continue to turn and your children will be blissfully unaware of the enmity you once peddled due to a misguided interpretation of God's will.

"And quite possibly, they'll be in gay relationships. Suck on that."

The rainbow laces are part of Stonewall's campaign to "kick homophobia out of football".

Stonewall's delivery is another jab at the WBC, one day after it emerged the WBC is being 'trolled' by a crowd-funded 'God Loves Gays' billboard which has been set up in Topeka, Kansas where it is based.

The billboard has appeared near the church in Kansas

The billboard pokes fun at the 'God hates fags' signs which WBC supporters often take to picket funerals.

The billboard was arranged by the 'God' Facebook page, which has nearly two million likes and which often attacks religious and right-wing causes.

Supporters of the page raised $50,000 (£31,100) on the website Indiegogo,to cover a year's advertising and the costs of the campaign as well as a contribution to charity.

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