12/09/2014 11:51 BST | Updated 12/09/2014 11:59 BST

Government #yourpoundcoin Campaign Backfires In Spectacular And Inevitable Style

George Osborne laid down a challenge to the people of Great Britain today...

And the Great people of Britain duly responded - only in exactly the opposite way to which old George had hoped.

That's right, we did what we do best and took the piss. Here's the 'Saturday night' version.

This version that demonstrates that Alex Salmond's head is actually a very good fit for this type of thing.

Jamie created this - quite frankly astounding - retro classic collection.

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This less sophisticated but infinitely more joyful attempt.

Some entries were surprisingly profound.

But some were a little more direct.

The inevitable Doge and Braveheart appearances.

You got the feeling he powers that be didn't quite get the joke...

This was a valiantly van attempt.

And then there were some that even a Photoshop champion would struggle with...

While some preferred something simpler.

Oh and then there was this...