There's An Oculus Rift Game That Lets You Grope Women

Well it was going to happen eventually. Someone has created an Oculus Rift game that lets you grope women's breasts.

A video posted on Japan's Nicovideo shows how one overly keen developer was able to create a groping game by using an Oculus Rift, Leap Motion controller and a pair of hastily constructed 'digital breasts'.

The video then shows the man 'interacting' with the game by groping the breasts which then causes the virtual character in the game to react.

It's pretty horrendous stuff but it's certainly not the first time that shameless titilation has been incorporated into games. The utterly surreal Azura's Wrath, for instance, became infamous for having a level that involved sitting in a hot spring splashing water over a tea-server's cleavage.

This isn't the first time Oculus Rift has been used in this way either, with Gizmodo pointing out that there's a game which lets you lie on someone's virtual lap.

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