Miss Nebraska Flashes Underwear At Miss America 2015, But It's The Pageant's Organisers We Should Be Criticising

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Feminists have long disputed the ethics of beauty pageants, and thanks to this year's Miss America competition, it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon.

In previous years, Miss America contestants have left the auditorium to commiserate away from the cameras after finding out they were out of the competition.

But this year, the ladies were expected to stay on stage facing the audience until New York's Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America 2015.

Sounds a bit mean, eh? Well, it gets worse.

While plastering on a "I'm totally happy for the other contestants" smile, the women were required to wear very very short skirts.

With these itsy bitsy frocks, a wardrobe malfunction (like that suffered by Miss Nebraska) was bound to happen.

Following the incident - which aired live on TV - Twitter erupted with people questioning Miss Nebraska's behaviour, rather than questioning the outfits themselves.

At some point, we all have an embarrassing outfit incident, so instead of shaming Miss Nebraska for hers, shouldn't we be questioning why it happened in the first place?

Did the Miss America organisers really need to dress the contestants in those skirts? Could they not have provided stalls for the ladies to sit on so they weren't forced to flash their underwear to the world? Did they not bother to do a dress rehearsal?

The worst thing about Miss Nebraska's knicker flash is that everyone saw it coming - if it hadn't have happened to her, it probably would have happened to one of the other contestants.

What on earth were the organisers thinking? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below...

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