Attempted Robbery At Gunpoint Gets Caught On GoPro

Mike Graziano was on a bicycle tour of a 'rough' part of Buenos Aires, Argentina when out of the blue a man with a motorbike pulls out in front of him, he swerves to avoid the bike and thinks nothing more of it.

Unfortunately that was just the beginning of his troubles as the man quickly caught up and steered him off the road while pulling a gun on him.

Things quickly escalate as the gunman starts shouting and gesticulating towards Graziano who unfortunately can't speak any Spanish.

Thankfully the language barrier might well have saved his life as the robber realises that even though he has a gun, it was going to be impossible to state exactly what he wanted.

As bystanders start gathering around the disturbance it becomes clear that this was not going to be a successful crime with so many witnesses around and the man disappears.

What he didn't realise of course was that things were far worse than he could have hoped as Graziano had caught the entire ordeal on his head-mounted GoPro camera.

While we could point out that cycling through a known trouble spot with a large quantity of expensive recording equipment probably wasn't the most sensible idea, we're just thankful that Graziano escaped shaken, but unharmed.

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