Scottish Independence: Kay Burley Calls 'Stick-Wielding' Campaigner A Knob Live On Air

Furious Scottish nationalists have accused Sky News reporter Kay Burley of calling a Yes campaigner a 'knob' live on air.

A video of the alleged incident appears to show the anchor calling someone a knob, but it's unclear what side of the referendum debate the 'knob' was on, if indeed the person was a political campaigner at all.

But that didn't stop nationalists immediately launching scathing abuse of Burley on social media, accusing her of being biased against camp 'Yes," and calling her "disgusting."

The 53-year-old, who has unflinchingly faced heckling from campaigners all day, appeared to mutter "because he looks like a bit of a knob" off camera, before the live feed switches back to the reporter looking at her phone.

But Burley defended her actions saying a man had tried to assault her camera man with a stick.

The reporter also apologised for her poor language and said she was facing a "challenging environment."

Regardless, Yes voters presumed the reporter was insulting them and took to Twitter to bemoan the injustice.

With one day to go, the furore surrounding the Scottish referendum has reached fever pitch, with accusations of bullying from both sides now dominating the debate.

Alistair Darling, the leader of the pro-Union Better Together campaign, said earlier this week that the atmosphere over the debate had "soured" over the last few days.

He said the animosity between some Yes and No voters had become "deeply depressing" - pointing the finger of blame at the nationalists. "We don't have CyberNats," he said, referring to aggressive online Yes supporters.

Salmond, who is engaged in the final few days of of campaigning across Scotland, meanwhile, said he felt the debate had been "peaceful and joyous".

Yes Scotland has previously said it condemns all forms of abusive, dangerous and offensive behaviour.

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